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In an industry that has traditionally lagged behind in terms of marketing innovation, automotive care companies are using video to differentiate themselves from competitors and capture increasing market share.

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Auto Care Organization Problems

Saturated Market

With an automotive service shop around nearly every corner of main street USA, companies must find a way to stand out amongst the crowd. It is the ability to gain a competitive edge that will ensure survival in a cluttered marketplace.

Declining Old School Tactics

Old school tactics such as direct mail, in-person networking and customer referrals are not what they used to be. The effectiveness of these tactics is dwindling as the marketing ecosystem has gone very digital. Organizations must evolve in order to remain competitive and successful.

Retaining Talent

In order to thrive as an organization, you need to attract and retain exceptional people. If your company stands for excellence, you want that to be communicated clearly and loudly through your marketing.


You hear the horror stories of people and organizations dealing with distrustful and shady automotive service shops. The reality is that those shops are far and few in between. However, the stigma and skepticism still exist. Automotive service shops must find ways to reinforce and solidify their reputation as an honest.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Auto Care Companies

Separate Yourself From The Pack

By investing in video, you are creating a competitive advantage for your company over others. It is by introducing this dynamic form of communication that you showcase that your company is progressive and forward thinking.

Double your Content

When you create videos, you put yourself in a position to mine a wealth of additional content from those videos that can be repurposed across marketing channels. Images, sound bites and mini-clips can be pulled and distributed across paid and owned marketing channels for further impact.

Communicating Value

Automotive maintenance is a necessity for anyone that has a vehicle, truck or heavy equipment. As a result, video allows auto care companies to find ways to communicate the value they offer in a unique and compelling way. It is this value that is often the differentiating factor whether a prospect goes to one shop over another.


Nothing can break through the digital clutter like video. And when you combine video with consistent distribution, your prospects, customers and even competitors will feel that you are everywhere. The results is that you become the trusted authority in your field.

Expose and Amplify Who You Are

Video is a tool that will expose who you are as an organization. If your culture is thriving and customers are happy, then video will amplify that message into the marketplace.

Dave Bloom President and Owner

The words that come to mind when I think about Marketing Reel are innovation, personalized service and a care that the product they're giving us is moving us in the direction that we want to go in. It's hard to imagine how we did most of our marketing before we started working with Marketing Reel.

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