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Company culture videos are short, entertaining and engaging videos that show off your brands values and personality. When producing these types of videos, the main focus is to allow the audience a sneak peek into who you are as a company while also telling your story.

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What makes an impactful Company Culture Video?

Slice of Life

A great company culture video provides a first-hand glance by pulling back the curtain and giving viewers an inside look into the life of a brand and its employees.

Entertain First

Since company culture videos don’t solve specific problems your potential buyers may have, they rely heavily on pure entertainment. These videos can evoke emotions such as humor, sincerity and empathy to attract prospects closer to a brand.

Short & Sweet

Company culture videos are generally short and can be part of a larger series of enticing videos. They can be cost effective to produce if they are shot within the same day or in the case of animation, if you build a single template that can be repurposed multiple times.

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Why Company Culture Videos?

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Boost Employee Morale

Everyone wants to feel a sense of community and appreciation. A well-executed company culture video does just that. When you highlight specific employees in your company culture video you can provide your employees the recognition needed to keep them motivated to keep producing at a high-level.

Attract Talent

Company culture videos can also attract and help you retain high quality talent to your organization. More importantly, it amplifies the likelihood of attracting the right kind of employees that already share the values depicted in your company culture video.

Increased Perception in Marketplace

Company culture videos brings your internal workplace personality to the forefront. Prospects and customers will relate to your staff and the vibe that they exude. An authentic company culture video will allow your loyal customer-base to truly connect with you are on a deeper level.

Culture Video Specs

Funnel Stage


Production Value

Scrappy / Standard / Polished

Ideal Video Length:

1-3 minutes

Video Timeframe

4-8 weeks

Channel options:

Website, Email, Social Media, YouTube, Ads

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Culture Video Examples

AA_Culture Video
Stacks Auto Culture Video
Equipment Experts Culture Video
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