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In order to drive meaningful change, people must not only understand the mission and values of your non-profit organization but also feel it’s benefits. Use video to paint a picture of the impact your non-profit has on families, local communities and the world. Empower your audience to become brand advocates and even partner up with your organization in order to make a difference.

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Non-Profit Organization Problems


Your ability to change people’s lives is dependent upon continued funding. Being able to secure that funding is often very competitive. Any way that you can make yourself stand can make the difference between receiving funding or not.


Even if your messaging is clear and engagement, you still need enhanced exposure to reach new prospects. Exploring various methods of communication coupled with marketing channels is key to finding the right combination that drives the most results.


Often times your organization’s mission may be complex and your marketing may not clearly communicate all that you have to offer. A lack of clarity causes confusion, which in turn, results in lowered engagement with your audience.

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Benefits of Video Marketing for Non-Profits

Video is Engaging

Story outperforms statistics every time. They move us and inspire us to take action.

Video is Educational

Most people identify as visual learners. This makes video a powerful vessel for educating people.

Video is Emotional

With video, we can paint a story more deeply and connect with people on a more emotional level.

I just wanted to say thank you to Marketing Reel Inc. for making an extraordinary video testimonial for the Hempstead School District. We needed a product that highlighted the Empire State After School Program for the community. We wanted to let parents know what the program has to offer and to showcase our outstanding students and staff. Marketing Reel made that possible!

James Clark Assistant Superintendent
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Examples of Non-Profit Videos

Trees For The Future
PEACE After School Program
Empire State After School Program
Long Island Home Builders Care
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