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Distributing & Optimizing Your Video

At Marketing Reel, we work with you to strategize the best possible location for your video. We also help you create videos that will work across different platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and on your own website. Remember that where you place your video is just as important as the content itself.

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Places Where Your Video Can Thrive


It’s no surprise that Youtube is one of the most powerful video-sharing platforms. Along with racking up organic impressions, engagements, and reach, YouTube also allows businesses to advertise on their platform. In turn, you are able to expand your reach while targeting your ideal customer.

Facebook & Instagram

Social media is the ultimate platform to share your content as they are sites created for storytelling through visual elements. Therefore, Facebook and Instagram video marketing are among the most effective for attracting, converting, and retaining your target audience.

Video & Web Development

Websites are a powerful way to showcase your business to your intended audience. With the added element of video on your website, you can successfully stand out in the marketplace. Video is an excellent tool and when utilized properly, can spark interest and keep your audience longer on your website, and in turn move them along the buyer’s journey.

Google Search

Videos are an effective tool to help your video land on a google search. When you place a video on your landing page, you are increasing your searchability and organic reach. This will help you generate awareness and therefore grow your business.

What it Takes to Win with Video in 2022

A guide to using online video marketing to tell compelling stories that attract, educate, convert and retain customers.

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