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Promo videos are dynamic business videos that promote your products and/or services to your prospects and customers. These videos perform best when they are authentic to the brand and elicit emotion from the viewer while piquing their curiosity so as to leave them wanting more. They are primarily used to bolster awareness and influence perceptions in the marketplace.

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Why Create Promo Videos?

Story Opens Doors

An impactful story engages viewers so they can easily understand what your business does and what sets you apart from other companies. If you lead with a compelling story, you are inviting your customers into your world using the power of online video storytelling to engage, educate, entertain and retain your audience.


Attract the Right Customer

Crafting a promo video that is true to what your brand represents is one of the most important marketing tools to have. When your viewers see who you are, they can identify if they align with your brand. Sticking to your values and not watering down your message will pay dividends for your brand and will lead to loyal fans of whom a select will eventually become long term paying customers.

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Promo Video Process

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In the early stages of pre-production, we sit down to get to know your company, its people and what it represents. We simultaneously craft target personas or ideal audiences for your brand. We then decide on the video concept, and the look/feel and style. Finally, we write a script if necessary, decide on location and set design, and lock down other details involved with how the final video will look, sound and perform.


This is where our professional crew works together to create your video. We bring on camera operators, directors, hair and makeup, wardrobe, lighting technicians, and other professionals to make your vision come to life. For animation, we engage illustrators, modelers, 3D artists and 2D animators to start molding the storyboard into an animated video.


We shape your story, handle color correction, clean up the audio, add music, and create graphics. The key features in this phase include editing, color correction, sound mixing and music composition. For animation, this is where we add in sound effects, music, voiceover & mix all of the elements together to create a final output.

Promo Video Details

Funnel Stage


Funnel Stage

Scrappy / Standard / Polished

Ideal Video Length:

2-5 minutes

Video Timeframe

4-8 weeks

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Promotional Video Examples

Village Walk Senior Living
NYC Penthouse Animation
CrossFit Total Empowerment
Packard Square_41-34
Pine Aire Truck Animation
Long Island Home Builders Care
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