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At Marketing Reel, we work with you to strategize the video types that best help you achieve your business goals. Then we bring those videos to life so that you can move your target audience to take specific actions that bring them further down the buyers journey. When strategized, produced, and distributed properly, your videos support a brighter future for your business and life.

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Different Types of Video

Social Ad Videos

Short video ads that are built specifically for paid social campaigns. They feature unique video specs and a storytelling structure that allows them to thrive when combined with the reach and hyper targeting of social media advertising.

Promo Videos

In today’s noisy marketing landscape, crafting a dynamic video that grabs your audience’s attention and draws them in to learn more is absolutely crucial. A Promo Video should do just that while also promoting a company's products and/or service to prospects and customers.

How To Videos

How-to videos are educational and show viewers a step-by-step process on how to accomplish tasks that are related to your products and services. They also become acquainted with your brand in the process of learning.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are highly effective at making your product or service easy to understand. Through carefully crafted storytelling, these videos showcase how your product or service will solve a particular problem for your audience. As a result, an explainer video will help them understand the true value of what you are selling.

Personalized Video

Personalized videos help you stand out to a potential buyer. It makes them feel special when you send them a video that has a personalized touch such as including their name or the name of their organization. This is an effective technique that bolsters conversion rates and optimizes your customers journey.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Testimonial videos provide credibility to your company. When a potential buyer sees a peer with a similar problem experience success, it establishes you as an authority in your field while also drawing customers closer to your brand and a purchasing decision.

Demo Videos

These types of videos are education videos, however, they are more specific to a product or service. Often times, a prospect has shown interest in a particular type of service and this is the opportunity to serve them a video that hones in even deeper. With the intent already evident, this video could be exactly what you need to nudge your prospect towards a purchasing decision.

Culture Videos

When you open the curtain and allow potential buyers to see the people and processes responsible for bringing about transformative change they will better connect with your brand. This type of video reveals your company culture while also showcasing the process in action.

Thought Leadership Videos

When you create a video that showcases talented and accomplished specialists, your audience will leave feeling inspired and that they learned something. Examples of this type of videos include filming an industry leader at a live talk or recording a round table discussion with a panel of experts.

What it Takes to Win with Video in 2022

A guide to using online video marketing to tell compelling stories that attract, educate, convert and retain customers.

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