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An explainer video will simplify your product or service while also highlighting its unique values. They offer clear solutions to your buyer so that they can begin to weigh the options in the marketplace.

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Why Create Explainer Videos?

Crystal Clarity

In order for a prospect to see your service as their solution, they must fully understand your service and its benefits. That’s where the explainer video comes into play. Explainer videos are useful for taking complex concepts and breaking them down into comprehensible and concise pieces of information for a viewer. They deliver crucial knowledge that is wrapped up in a dynamic story, visuals and sounds. Explainer Videos will often contrast other services in order to establish brand authority.

Increased Time on Page

Explainer videos are great when placed on a landing page so that a prospect can watch and contemplate the various available solutions. Typically, a prospect will stay longer on a page with an explainer video opposed to one without and more time on a page means greater engagement in the other elements on the landing page.

Your Perfect Pitch

Through careful planning and scripting, you can create your most concise, dynamic and engaging pitch through an explainer video. You can then enhance that pitch with the aesthetically pleasing aspects of an explainer video to create the best possible representation of your company and its services.

Increased Conversions

An explainer video can impact your sales. HubSpot reports that “after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. When you make the investment in an explainer video production, you are investing in the power of video and tapping into the future potential of your brand.

Easily Shareable

Once your explainer video production is complete, you can share your video around the world in just a simple click. With platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and Vidyard - you can reach people globally with your unique video.

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Explainer Video Components

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Explainer Video Script

It is important to take time and understand your business, services, competitive advantages and your target customer. We combine this with a compelling story in order to create a script that includes a voiceover and animation direction.


After the script is complete, a black and white storyboard drawing serves as a snap shot of what the video will look like when it is complete.


The story board transforms into a color depiction of each scene. The color palette plays a crucial role in eliciting emotions from the viewer.

Additional Elements & Delivery

Motion is added as the video comes to life through animation that is constructed in platforms such as Adobe Aftereffects, Premiere, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, among others.

Voiceover, Music, Sound FX

The voiceover script is recorded by a voiceover artist. Music is purchased or an original soundtrack is composed. Sound effects are integrated into the video. All elements are mixed into the video to create a seamless experience from end to end.

Explainer Video Specs

Funnel Stage

Attract / Educate

Funnel Stage

Standard / Polished

Ideal Video Length:

1-2 minutes

Video Timeframe

8 weeks

Channel options

Website, Email, Social Media, YouTube, Ads

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Explainer Video Examples

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Allied Physicians Group_Well Visits
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