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Video testimonials and case studies are social proof that your services have generated real business results and happy customers. It is validation that you are able to identify a problem or opportunity and work closely with your customers to see its resolution all the way to fruition.

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Why Video Testimonials & Case Studies?

Peer Proof

Video testimonials are the ultimate proof that you are solving problems, helping businesses and ultimately building brighter futures for people. This type of video is more impactful than a written testimonial because you get the full bodied engagement of all the senses that only video is capable of achieving.

Vision of the Future

When a prospect hears success stories from other peers, this reinforces the benefits of doing business with you. This helps them see the results as something that are realistic, proven and within grasp. In turn, your prospect will naturally envision the same future for themselves and consider your business.

Video Testimonials & Case Study Recommendations

Create a Strong Motivation

It is important to show the customers main desires and how your company helped them achieve those goals. Make sure to bring that to the forefront in your video testimonial and case studies. This will hook viewers and help them envision themselves in the same position.

Embrace Conflict

Do not shy away from the raw and authentic version of your story. It is natural to paint a perfect interaction with a client from day one, however, the obstacles that we overcome make the final success story much sweeter. Conflict creates tension in your story and keeps your potential customer engaged.

Testimonials and Case Studies Video Specs

Funnel Stage

AEducate / Convert / Retain

Funnel Stage

Scrappy / Standard / Polished

Ideal Video Length:

2-5 minutes

Video Timeframe

4-8 weeks

Channel options

Website, Email, Social Media, YouTube, Ads

Video Testimonial & Case Study Examples

Black Pine Spas Video Testimonial
Equipment Experts Testimonial Video
Dr. Filangeri_Customer Story 1
Stacks Automotive_Customer Testimonial
AA Customer Testimonial
Knights Auto Customer Testimonial
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