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The healthcare industry can change overnight with new technologies, therapies, and treatments evolving at a rapid pace and being brought to market. The need to grow your medical practice is paramount in order to connect these innovations with patients. As a result, innovative marketing that explains often complex products and services is crucial to driving results and fostering positive well-being in the world.

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Healthcare Problems


Healthcare companies seek to explain products and services that are complex and often difficult to understand. A revolutionary technology or a complex medical procedure can confuse prospects that would greatly benefit from its use. Remember, you cannot buy something you don’t understand!


Staying on top of your health is often cumbersome for individuals. People would rather ignore necessary checkups and even mild symptoms until it becomes an viable issue. As a healthcare professional, it is your duty and obligation to promote the benefits of your product or service in order to keep people on track with their medication, therapies and other medical services and products in order to maximize their well-being.

Connecting with Customers

Break through the noise and make sure your message is heard with video. Connect with customers that would benefit from your product or service and ensure that they not only understand your value proposition, but that they feel it.

Standing out amongst the crowd

Within such a competitive industry, it is imperative to separate yourself from the pack in order to gain market share. Video does just that, especially when you pair it with industry specific distribution tactics on the worlds leading digital advertising platforms.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Healthcare


Video allows people to absorb messages more clearly. The medical field is constantly evolving with medical developments and innovations in technologies that can confuse the masses. With video, particularly 2d animation, viewers can comprehend complex ideas easier.

Educate the Public

Video as a means of communication has the ability to reach far and wide with the stickability need to make sure that your messaging stays with people or the long haul. Healthcare videos that are well executed, deliver a message with meaning that could save lives if not drastically improve them. Video is the perfect vehicle to maximize that message to the masses.

Bolster Brand and Patient Volume

Video reinforces brand development and perception in the marketplace. This naturally attracts a loyal base of trusting customers that share the values of your brand. These brand advocates are often customers and if not, they inevitably turn into customers and raving fans.

Increase Exposure

Video innately bolsters online searchability by increasing the search ranking of a website. This means your message more readily at the fingertips of individuals who are searching for the products and services you are selling.

Equip your sales team

Empower your sales team to hook more leads and close more sales with videos that engages, educates, and converts.

Brianne Chidichimo Director of Marketing

Allied Physicians Group has been working with Marketing Reel for many years, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of all of our videos! Marketing Reel turns our vision into a reality each and every time.

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Examples of Healthcare Videos

Family Dentist Commercial_Dave’s Story
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Allied Physicians Group
Family Dentist Commercial – Connected TV
Allied_Allergy and Asthma
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