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Social Video Ad Production

Social video ad production produces attention-grabbing videos that are delivered using the power of paid social ads. These videos are structured in ways so that they grab viewer attention, identify a pain point, and then show a product or service as the solution.


Why Create Social Video Ads?

Wide Reach

When you post organically, your reach is limited to the circle of people that you already interact with. However, social video ads are powered by paid advertising that enables reach way beyond your organic network. This allows for an amplification of your campaign that otherwise would never have been possible.

The Power of Video

Video ads consistently outperform static images on social media platforms. By tapping into the power of video, you are increasing the likelihood of higher engagement, click through rates, conversions and ROI.

Hyper Targeting

Speaking to a larger audience is wasteful if they aren’t your intended target audience. As a result, the targeting featuring of social media platform make it possible to deliver your videos to the right person at the right time.

Advanced Tracking and Analytics

Social media platforms provide deep insights into the performance of paid advertising campaigns. This enables you to run various types of videos and pull insights into what is working best.

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Types of Social Video Ad Production

Social video ad production utilizes a few key types of proven creative formats that drive results. Keep in mind that these creative approaches can be mixed and matched in order to produce one badass social video ad.

Real Testimonials

What better way than to drive home the message for your product or service than to have your customers talk about its benefits. This makes for an exceptional video that exhibits customer loyalty and proven results.

Problem - Solution

Show a problem that the viewer can connect and relate to. Then depict the resolution of that problem as a result of your product or service. The solution should be something that is a desired solution that the view will want to achieve.

Character Spokesperson

Whether an animated character or a person, this spokesperson is consistently present in all campaigns and becomes synonymous with the brand itself. This approach creates continuity and allows for the character to become a creative facet of the social video ad production.


Show your product or service in action is an integral part of offering the full scope of a product or service. If a viewer can see it clearly, they can better understand the functionality and envisions themselves.

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Social Video Ad Best Practices

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Get Their Attention

Your social video ads are competing against a sea of other ads for the attention of chronically distracted viewers with short attention spans. Make sure you stand out! You can do so with humor, a question, bizarre props, or a big promise at the beginning of the video.

All shapes and sizes

Social video ads must meet the video format and aspect ratio guidelines of the respective social platform they are placed. Additionally, within specific social platforms are often a variety of creative ad formats that have their own unique specifications.

Identify and Agitate

By identifying the cost of not using your product or service, you are incentivizing your viewer to pay attention. However, it is not enough to simply label it, you must agitate it because that is what inspires action.

Use titles

Social video ad production should cater more and more to consumption habits. Viewing on mobile devices calls for minimal sound. This requires leaning less on sound and more on visuals to tell your story.

Social Video Ads Details

Funnel Stage

Attract, Convert

Funnel Stage

Scrappy / Standard / Polished

Ideal Video Length:

15 seconds – 2 minutes

Channel options

Ads, Social Media

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Social Video Ad Examples

Flat Tires Fixed For Free
$15 off Winterization
Synthetic Oil Change
Free Shuttle Service
Dr. Filangeri_Family Social Ad
Hot Tub Company Social Ad
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