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How-To Marketing Videos offer learning in the form of step-by-step instruction of how to complete a task or solve a problem. These educational videos reveal valuable and useful information to your prospect and encourage them to find out more about you. Rather than being a blatant plug for your service, they showcase how to logically do something that people might find value in. This hooks your viewer and motivates them to consider your business.

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Why How-To Videos?

Perfect Entry Point for a Prospect

A how-to video captures and educates viewers when they are already in a learner’s mindset on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It is critical to pull viewers into your brand when they are in a learner’s mindset because you can easily introduce your service/ product as a solution.

Organic Exposure

Prospects are actively searching for how-to videos making them of the most organically discoverable videos online today. These videos are searched via social or search engines where there is already an existing demand. When you include video specific keywords within the titles and descriptions, you are enhancing the discoverability of your video and ultimately, your brand.

Builds Brand Authority

When you are teaching you are naturally in a position of the compassionate alpha. The more of this educational content that you release, the more you will build brand authority in your space. Brand authority allows you to increase your pricing while also having more of a selection of who you want to work with.

Makes a complex process simpler

How-to marketing videos for your service demystify complex processes and makes them simple. Making a service or process more digestible not only allows the viewer to continue to learn but also encourages them to continue building a relationship with your brand.

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How To Video Process

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In the early stages of pre-production, we sit down to get to know your company, its people and what it represents. We simultaneously craft target personas or ideal audiences for your brand. We then decide on the video concept, and the look/feel and style. Finally, write a script if necessary, decide on location and set design, and lock down other details involved with how the final video will look, sound and perform.


This is where our professional crew works together to create your video. We bring on camera operators, directors, hair and makeup, wardrobe, lighting technicians, and other professionals to make your vision come to life. For animation, we engage illustrators, modelers, 3D artists and 2D animators to start molding the storyboard into an animated video.


We shape your story, handle color correction, clean up the audio, add music, create graphics, and in general make sure your video looks like we planned it in pre-production. Key features include editing, color correction, sound mixing and music composition. For animation, this is where we add in sound effects, music, voiceover & mix all of the elements together to create a final output.

How To Video Specs

Funnel Stage

Attract / Educate/ Retain

Production Value


Ideal Video Length:

2-10 minutes

Video Timeframe

4-8 weeks

Channel options:

Website, Email, Social Media, YouTube, Ads

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How To Video Examples

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