What You Will Learn

King of Communication
& Distribution

Video is the king of communication & the world’s leading advertising platforms are the king of distribution.

Ineffective Marketing
to Avoid

Learn about the common pitfalls when spending your marketing dollars and the types of marketers that will waste your money.

Choosing the Right

Learn about the various digital marketing channels and how to choose the right one for your marketing goals.


Storytelling is engrained in our nature and at the core of all purchasing decisions - especially your marketing.


Advances in technology have made video production an affordable process that can fit into nearly every marketing budget.

Repurposed Content

Video assets can be repurposed and used for a variety of marketing outreach. Images, gifs, and shorter form video can be extracted from a single video.

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AJ Scordio Founder of Marketing Reel

About The Author

AJ Scordio is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Marketing Reel, a digital marketing agency that uses online video to help brands break through the noise, unleash their full potential and let it shine.

Prior to this role, AJ was the CEO of Scordio Productions – a full service video production company as well as an analyst at JP Morgan within the Investment Banking division.

AJ has leveraged his experience in video production and finance in order to craft videos specifically for local businesses that want to generate more cost effective leads using YouTube, Google and Facebook advertising. Marketing Reel also produces videos that satisfy every stage of the buyer’s journey. The result is effective creativity for clients, that leads to 2-5x more customers than traditional media, with the analytics to prove it.


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