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Thought leadership videos are opportunities for an individual to offer their expertise in their particular field. They typically feature videos of a live lecture or of an interview among influencers or experts regarding a subject.

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Thought-leadership Video Tips

Tell a Story

Although you are delivering relevant and insightful information to your audience, it still needs to follow the tenets of storytelling. Storytelling is the vehicle that opens your audience to consume the more detailed specifics you are trying to get across. As a result, it is best to leverage various story structures and see which one works best for you.

Consistent Content

Many people will ignore or even post negatively about your content. However, through repetition, your true supporters will emerge and they will be committed to your message and brand. They are your advocates that will carry your message with them and spread it. This leads to your growth as a thought leader and the brand that you are associated with.

Repurpose Content

Interviews and live lectures are longer forms of content that can be repurposed into a variety of future videos. Make sure to take advantage of this in a world where pumping out content is absolutely critical to keeping your audience engaged.

Use pattern interrupts

When we speak we naturally get in a consistent rhythm that can lull the audience to sleep. By utilizing pattern interrupts, we are keeping our audience on their feet and in turn fully engaged.

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Why Thought-Leadership Videos?

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Brand Authority

A thought leadership video lends credibility to the individuals speaking. The discussion highlights problems and opportunities that the viewers may have but don’t know yet. Potential buyers are in the mode of consuming new and interesting information so this video can influence their decision and position you as a brand authority in the marketplace.

Creates Demand

This information influences prospects about ways they can improve their life by solving a problem or seizing a new opportunity. Thus, the knowledge from an industry leader is social proof that validates that the problem or opportunity. The prospect then enters the consideration phase where they know they have a void to fill and are therefore collecting information about it which then creates demand.

Thought Leadership Video Specs

Funnel Stage

Attract / Educate

Funnel Stage

Scrappy / Standard / Polished

Ideal Video Length:

10-15 minutes

Video Timeframe

4-8 weeks

Channel options

Website, Email, Social Media, YouTube, Ads

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Thought Leadership Video Examples

Pine Aire Truck Though Leadership
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