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text icon Developing a Video Marketing Strategy
Strategy Video Marketing Strategy

Video is the king of communication. It has the power to command attention and empower brands to tell more engaging stories than any other medium. A smart video marketing strategy will seize more moments and drive tangible results like increased conversion rates, click-through rates, time-on-page, social media shares, and ROI. In this article, we discuss […]

text icon How to Power Your Brand Through 2D Animation
2d Animation Power of 2D Animation Business Strategy

With 2d animation, your stories are unleashed into a world of possibilities through a combination of storytelling, technology, and art. 2d animation offers a level of creative control that allows for pinpoint accuracy in telling your story and delivering a message that breaks through the clutter and elevates your marketing. With 2d animation, if you […]

text icon Why a video producer is advising his clients NOT to waste money solely on video
Online Video Distribution Video Marketing Video Distribution

My name is AJ Scordio, CEO and founder of Marketing Reel – a digital marketing agency. We tap into the power of online video distribution in order to help brands break through the digital clutter and unleash their full potential. I started making videos because I wanted to tell stories that would move people. I […]

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