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Skyrocket Your Business with Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook advertising is one of the best digital marketing tools to skyrocket your eCommerce or lead-gen business in 2023 and beyond!

With the emergence of new technology, scaling business with Facebook advertising has become more challenging than ever.

Not to worry. Our Facebook marketing experts are here to help. Our bread and butter is helping businesses increase brand awareness, reach new customers, and drive sales with Facebook ads. Give the Reel experts a try today!

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Boosting ROI: The Power of Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is the cornerstone of digital marketing success for e-Commerce and lead-gen ventures.

Experience the many benefits that can set your business on a trajectory of growth. With our top-quality marketing support, you can expect the following benefits when using Facebook ads:

Boost brand awareness
Extend your reach and enhance brand visibility with Facebook Ads content and consulting services that garner, attract, and convert leads.
Drive traffic
Channel more visitors to your online store and website with targeted Facebook ads.
Increase conversions
Elevate sales, and witness a surge in conversions with comprehensive Facebook advertising campaigns. Our diligent Facebook marketing experts will optimize, target, and create compelling visuals and copy. We do so by using A/B testing, leveraging retargeting techniques, and monitoring the analytics of your ad(s) to drive continuous improvement for your business.
Target precise marketing channels
Reach your ideal audience with tailored ads for Facebook users that match your targeted personas.
Control your marketing campaigns and stay nimble
Manage and customize your campaigns with our fine-tuned Facebook ads management software and services.
Engage customers and build brand loyalty
Foster meaningful connections with customers by creating a well-oiled Facebook ad engine that helps nurture and convert warm and hot leads.
Receive cost-effective results
Outperform traditional advertising methods with a team of expert Facebook consultants

Our Comprehensive Facebook Advertising Services

Precise Audience Targeting

Utilize Facebook's potent algorithm and Facebook’s SDK software to precisely target leads based on location, age, gender, interests, and behavior. Our Facebook advertising team will help you maximize your campaign's impact with a suite of Facebook ad-tracking software and tools sure to help you wrangle in leads and nurture them with finesse.

Compelling Ad Copywriting

Our expert copywriters have decades of experience writing persuasive, attention-grabbing advertisements for Facebook. Our copy wizards will craft captivating Facebook ad content that resonates, moves, and drives your targeted audience to act now.

Diverse Analytics and Optimization

Our team of dedicated Facebook advertising experts continuously analyze results and optimize campaigns to ensure optimal performance for you and deliver the greatest ROI for your business.

Creative Ad Design

A well-designed ad is essential to a business’ success. Let our creative designers craft visually compelling Facebook ads content that captures attention and fuels action.

Complete A/B Testing

Optimize your Facebook campaigns through detailed A/B testing. Our marketing experts have mastered the art and science of Facebook pay-per-click (PPC) management. We’ll analyze various ad versions and assess for higher click-through and conversion rates to help reduce Facebook ad spend and boost profitability.

Diverse Facebook Ad Formats for Your Success

Navigate the complexities of Facebook advertising with our specialized services

Single Image Ads

Highlight your products or services on Facebook Pages with our Facebook Ad Manager services.

Carousel Ads

We’ll share your brand's impactful story — and/or introduce multiple offerings — with rotating ad content on a single (or multiple) Facebook page(s).

Video Ads

Amp up your advertising on Facebook with engaging and captivating video ads complete with slam-dunk 2D and 3D visuals.

Catalog Sales Ad

Create a beautiful and elegant Facebook account page by presenting your products with dynamic and stylish visuals.


Leverage home-grown, authentic user-generated content for successful brand promotion.

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Facebook Ad Targeting Options For You

We use a comprehensive system of Facebook advertising data to help grow your business. Our Facebook marketing experts zero in on the following metrics and tools:

Location Targeting
Reach your desired audience on Facebook based on location.
Demographic Targeting
Tailor your Facebook ads for specific age groups and genders.
Audience Interests Targeting
Connect with individuals — on and offline — who are interested in your niche service and/or product.
Behavior Targeting
Target Facebook users based on the actions users have taken online.
Targeting Custom Audiences
Laser-focus on “lookalike” audiences who are currently engaged with your business. We’ll use detailed lists, website and app traffic, and key insights about user engagement to help attract and convert leads at the bottom, middle, and top of the sales funnel.
Targeting Repeat Business
Our Facebook Ads optimization, AI, and ad-tracking software will help you grow your market. Our Facebook advertising analysts will aggregate and use collected data to help you reach similar market- and sales-qualified leads whom you have done business with in the past.

Build a Successful Facebook Marketing Machine

Join forces with the best remote and in-person Facebook marketing agency in the continental U.S. Begin your journey toward Facebook ads success with our 5-step approach for developing out-of-this-world Facebook ads:

Step 1:

Facebook Advertising Consultancy

In a complimentary meet-and-greet call with you, we’ll discuss your Facebook advertising goals by listening to your needs and challenges.

Step 2:

Setup & Development

During our initial strategy call, we’ll establish benchmarks, goals, and strategies specific to your Facebook ads campaign and product/service launch.

Step 3:

Launch & Management

We’ll implement a diverse portfolio of online campaigns. While the campaign runs, we’re continuously monitoring and optimizing the success of your Facebook ads to deliver you winning results.

Step 4:

Reporting & Analysis

Based on our Facebook ads management tools, you’ll receive detailed reports and recommendations to make more informed decisions for your business.

Step 5:

Optimize, Rinse, & Repeat

We’ll cull together a comprehensive list of strategies based on the performance insights we gleaned from your Facebook advertising campaigns.

The Perks of Marketing Reel’s Facebook Advertising Services

At Marketing Reel, our bread and butter is visual and marketing content. When you partner with one of our dedicated Facebook Business Partners, you can expect nothing less than:

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FAQS (And the Right Answers) Regarding Facebook Ads

Join forces with the best remote and in-person Facebook marketing agency in the continental U.S. Begin your journey toward Facebook ads success with our 5-step approach for developing out-of-this-world Facebook ads:

How much will it cost me to run Facebook ads?
Our monthly retainer fees vary depending on the type of business whom we're working with and the scope of work completed (e.g. e-Commerce, lead generation, and more). We charge a management fee on top of the ad budget spent. The average monthly ad budget we manage ranges from $3,000 to $20,000. We’re happy to provide custom quotes based on your specific business goals and needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for pricing details, as we’d be happy to walk you through a comprehensive cost breakdown.
What results can I expect when running Facebook ads?
We help clients increase traffic to their websites, generate leads and sales for customer acquisition, and raise brand awareness with Facebook ads. We consistently achieve click-through rates (CTR) of over 5% — with some campaigns reaching CTRs as high as 15-20%.
How do you plan to target my ideal audience(s)?
To identify who will be the best potential customers for you and your business, our team uses Facebook's detailed targeting tools and performs extensive audience research on your targeted audience. We can target customers by location, age, interests, behaviors, and more.
What reporting and analytics will I receive with your Facebook ads package?
We provide each client with their own easy-to-understand Facebook ads dashboard. In the dashboard, you’ll find customized analytics and metrics that matter most to you and your business goals. We can provide customized reporting that can help you track campaign performance and progress in real-time.

We can easily pivot to help meet your business goals and objectives. Depending on your needs, we provide customized reporting on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Walk me through how you’ll optimize and improve the performance of my Facebook ad(s).
We are experts at A/B testing ad creative, placements, audiences, and bidding strategies. We closely monitor performance data to optimize campaigns for your KPIs. Our optimization improves campaign performance by 25-35% on average.
Why should I hire an agency versus just doing Facebook ads myself?
Our Facebook ad experts set up and manage campaigns end-to-end, saving you significant time while generating better results. Our experience driving ROI across many industries means we know what works.

For Changemakers Seeking Superior Facebook Ads

Marketing Reel’s services are designed for:

Hard-working business owners

People aiming for the moon and looking to shatter the competition

Savvy e-Commerce and start-up founders

People seeking consistent, steady, and reliable growth

Thoughtful brand owners

People tired of dead-end agencies that promise the world and come up high and dry on results

Aspiring companies and managers

People looking to make $1M - $5M (and beyond) in annual revenue

Visionary industry leaders

People ready to dominate their competition.

If You’re Looking to Take Your Business to Infinity and Beyond, Look No Further Than Marketing Reel

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Let Our Work Speak For Itself


AJ & his crew have a tactical, common sense approach to marketing that is about data and putting your money into places where you will get the return. With everything we have seen with Marketing Reel we have had a 30% increase in revenue YOY.

Chance Schuknecht

Head of Sales & Marketing at Silver Lining Herbs


AJ and his team could not have been any easier to work with! They were very responsive and kept in constant touch to ensure we stayed on our tight deadline. The final outcome truly blew us away, Again, one of the greatest investments we made in the development of the building.

Amanda Connelly

Director of Operations of Wheelhouse Entertainment


Through our monthly content retainer, we have been able to affordably produce content that is on brand and effective. We are able to stay top of mind with any potential leads as well as our current clients. More importantly, we are building brand, and in the long run that is what always wins.

Stacy Conner

Director of Sales & Marketing of Equipment Experts Inc.

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Unlock Your Business’ Full Potential with Facebook Ad Services

Opportunities like this come around once in a blue moon. Begin growing your business today by scheduling your complimentary strategy call today with Marketing Reel’s Facebook advertising experts.

Whatever your marketing mission may be, Marketing Reel’s Facebook marketing team can scale your brand to new heights and take you all the way there.

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  • Acquire and Retain More Business
  • Track Your Success
  • Increase Customer Loyalty

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