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Marketing Reel leverages several different types of video styles in
order to create a world of video content for your business. Each
video style possesses its own unique benefits and process of
creation. Explore the types of video styles that we have to offer.

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Marketing Reel Video Styles

Live Action

Combine the power of a Reel Squad that films on location with state of the art technology and highly trained technicians. Your footage is then transformed through the power of a robust editing suite and talented post-production artists that include editors, colorists, audio technicians, animators, motion graphics artists, voiceover artists, musicians and more.

2D Animation

A powerful video style that utilizes 2D dimensional characters and backgrounds brought to life with movement. Our video producers help you align your video goals with a dynamic and thoughtful story. Then illustrators and animators, each possessing their own unique style, bring your story to life with style and motion that connects with your target audience.

3D Animation

The same 3D results that we see massive animation studios such as Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney produce are also achievable by ordinary businesses. 3D animation is the creation of computer generated characters and objects that move within a 3 dimensional world. Capture your audience’s attention with an experience that leaves them wanting more.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the creation of a computer generated environment that a viewer can interact with by means of a VR headset, desktop, tablet and mobile device. VR offers unparalleled immersion into a world that feels as if it were real. Viewers can explore this believable CGI world and often interact with and change elements within it.

Live Stream

Live Stream video uses a live video feed in order to distribute video content directly to your audience. This results in a heightened level of interaction with your viewers and a more authentic perception of your brand in the marketplace. Live Stream video is often more cost effective than traditional pre-recorded videos while boasting higher engagement rates.

360° imagery & video

360° video and imagery uses a 360° camera to record omnidirectional pictures and videos of a space. The videos and images are then stitched together in an editing program to produce an immersive experience of the space. This style of video is extremely effective as the user can explore from the comfort and convenience of their desktop, tablet or mobile device.

What it Takes to Win with Video in 2022

A guide to using online video marketing to tell compelling stories that attract, educate, convert and retain customers.

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