Company Bloopers

Company blooper videos are fun videos that show your company in a different light. They are usually casual, quirky, and off-guard clips that depict an authentic version of your brand.

Why Blooper Videos?

Authenticity & Approachability

Blooper videos help you connect with your audience because it humanizes you and your team. When the audience sees that your company knows how to have fun and isn’t serious all the time, it is more likely they will connect with you. It’s a great way to show the “real” you.

Increases Likability

People want to see you having fun and want to work with a company who isn’t so uptight all the time. Blooper reels are a great way to show that you have humor and that your company is okay with a little fun. If you’re looking to show your company culture or even looking for new staff, this can be a good type of video to have ready to post whenever you need it.

Blooper Video Recommendations


Often times Blooper videos are found in post-production which makes them unscripted. They shouldn’t come off as something your company tried hard to create, rather genuine clips that were pieced together.


In video storytelling, we are often trying to tell a story with a flow. However, with blooper reels, it’s okay to let go of that notion and clip together pieces that don’t exactly tell a story. As long as the audience sees a clear video with some sort of funny, quirky, or awkward moment, you have done your job.

Recruitment Video Specs

Funnel Stage


Ideal Video Length:

2-3 minutes

Channel options:

Website, Email, Social Media, YouTube, Ads

Video Timeframe

4-8 weeks

Blooper Video Examples

Site Image
Equipment Experts Website
Stacks CTV (30 Sec)
$15 off Winterization
AA Customer Testimonial
Pine Aire Recruitment Video
AA_Culture Video
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