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Recruitment videos are videos that show potential candidate’s that your company is hiring and why they should choose to work with you. They showcase what a typical day at your businesses may be or even interviews from current employees that would capture a viewer’s attention. If these videos are produced and distributed effectively, they are a key component of recruiting lasting strong talent to your business and fueling future growth.

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Why Recruitment Videos

Brand discovery

These types of videos boost your job posting views, helping you expand your search and ultimately attract attention to your business. This is because video is a powerful visual tool that allows for easy sharing and reposting on different platforms. The more people see your content, the more they are excited to come work with you. Recruitment videos not only expand your job posting views, but also boost your brand as it gives you the opportunity to showcase employee culture, highlight your values and overall work environment.

Attracting the right candidate’s

Recruitment videos are important because they can help your business reach the right candidate’s by attracting them to your company. When you create videos that showcase your employees, and why they like working with you, others will be persuaded to make the same decision. They will clearly see who you are, your values, and what it takes to work with you. This will quickly weed out candidates who aren’t a fit for your company.

Show not tell

People are so used to clicking on job posts with only bulleted job descriptions with no other information about the company itself. This makes for a bland post and doesn’t really tell the candidate a story about your business and why they should consider working there. Video humanizes your brand while capturing the viewer’s attention to get a feel for who you are, ultimately giving you the power to construct your own story.

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Recruitment Video Recommendations

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Capture their attention

Nowadays, people are continuously scrolling on their feed making it hard to grab their attention. This is why your recruitment video needs to hook them in with dynamic story about who you are as a company and why someone should care to work with you. At Marketing Reel, we make sure you have a strong script as well as compelling visuals to sweep your

Spotlight current employees

You can talk all you want about the benefits about working for your company, but it is equally as important to hear from an employee that currently works there. People want to hear the experiences of someone who works in position they are applying for. This establishes a sense of trust and transparency with the candidate.

Recruitment Video Specs

Funnel Stage


Ideal Video Length:

2-3 minutes

2-3 minutes

Website, Email, Social Media, YouTube, Ads

Video Timeframe

4-8 weeks

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Recruitment Video Examples

Pine Aire Recruitment Video
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