Why a video producer is advising his clients NOT to waste money solely on video

Power of Online Video Distribution – Marketing Reel

My name is AJ Scordio, CEO and founder of Marketing Reel – a digital marketing agency. We tap into the power of online video distribution in order to help brands break through the digital clutter and unleash their full potential.

I started making videos because I wanted to tell stories that would move people. I loved the idea that producing compelling videos would allow my clients to not only tell their stories but also further their businesses. However, it wasn’t until I started helping my clients distribute their videos that I saw real results.

My Video Production Beginnings

During the first few years, I quickly realized there was a disconnect between producing videos and distributing them in an effective way. The majority of my clients did not know how to use the videos in order to generate additional revenue and grow their business.

Instead, the video would stay parked on their website or would only be used a few times on social media. That’s when it dawned on me that I needed to better serve my clients by learning how to distribute the videos I produce on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram YouTube and Google.

After rigorous training, I earned my advanced digital marketing certification and started to connect the dots between creativity and commerce. I began to strategize with my clients where and how to distribute their videos after I produced them. This inevitably produced tangible results through lead generation, increasing their revenues and ultimately helping grow their businesses.

The Power of Online Video Distribution

Many of you might have spent thousands on television, radio, and print with limited to no results. Others may have run digital campaigns with a company that didn’t know what they were doing. Some of you have dealt with companies that didn’t combine the power of video with digital to maximize results.

I am telling you that there is a better way. At Marketing Reel, we produce 2-5x more leads than traditional media with the same budget.

Our video marketing process directly co-relates with the buyer’s journey. The first step in our process is to attract your audience with promo videos, how-to videos, explainer and thought-leadership videos. As the buyer moves throughout their journey, we educate them with case studies, testimonials and culture videos from your company.

At this point they have become familiar with your business and its time to convert them. We recommend personalized videos, or promo videos at this stage because it helps your audience pull that final trigger. The last and final step is to retain your audience by consistently creating video content that reminds them why they are doing business with you. We organically distribute your content on platforms in order to generate leads that will further your business goals.

This method works because the results and data prove video is the king of communication. It is the most engaging, educational and emotional form of communication we have today. When combined with YouTube, Facebook and Google – the worlds leading advertising platforms, you can produce game-changing results for your business and your life.

Get started today

Technology has become highly accessible and therefore creating high quality videos is increasingly affordable on a consistent basis. If you are looking to tell meaningful and engaging stories through video, while driving real, trackable and predictable results, please reach out and schedule a consultation with us.

If you want to learn more, check out our E-book on What It Takes To Win With Video in 2021!  

Online Video Distribution – Marketing Reel


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