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Tell your story live with the power of the world’s most innovative streaming platforms combined with videos types that attract, educate, convert and retain your audience in ways beyond what pre-recorded videos are capable of. Live Streaming is a proven video style that allows individuals and brands the ability to connect with their audience through real-time video broadcasts. Going live also evokes a feeling of authenticity and allows the viewer to mold the narrative of a video as it unfolds in real time- all the while in a cost effective manner.

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Live Stream Videos Placements

Live Stream videos can be distributed on platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. They can also be streamed on more robust platforms that allow for versatility in distribution and monetization.

Facebook Live is a proven tool that allows brands the ability to connect with their audience through real-time video broadcasts. Brands can set up thought leadership videos, how-to videos, and live virtual events that drive engagement with viewers. In fact, according to Facebook, viewers are 4x more likely to watch live streams than recorded videos.


Live stream your next video through via webcam, mobile or encoder. According to the Pew Research center, “78% of adults in the US use YouTube” yet only a mere “9% of small businesses are active on YouTube”. This presents an immense opportunity to organically post on a platform that is not yet saturated and leveraging live streaming as a way to further boost engagement.


These platforms are robust and allow the user to have full control over their content from customized branding to the ability to distribute and monetize your live stream. On these platforms you won’t have to abide by community guidelines of platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live.

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Live Stream Benefits


People want to see the raw authentic version of your brand. When you connect with your audience in real-time, your brand feels more accessible and authentic because your audience is part of a moment that is unfolding before their eyes.


As a viewer, you can participate in live discussions and events by posting comments and questions. This type of interaction can shape the entire live stream experience as hosts and other participants can respond and interact with your comments.

Cost Effective

You don’t need fancy equipment or a film crew to live stream. In fact, you can live stream directly from your computer desktop, laptop, or mobile camera and connect with individuals across the globe in a cost effective way.

Personal Branding

Live Streaming opens the doors for an individual personality to position themselves front and center during the live stream. As a result, audiences are able to connect with that individual as they become more synonymous with the brand.


Although the live stream happens in real time, images, sound bites, and shorter video clips can be repurposed and leveraged on various marketing platforms.

Higher Algorithm

Live stream videos often produce higher engagement rates and in turn are shown more than traditional pre-recorded videos on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Way to use Live Streaming for Your Brand

Live Events

Feel the immersion of a live event unfolding in real time from industry conferences, workshops to sporting events to concerts. Live events can be captured and streamed in real time to audiences around the globe.

Especially in the post COVID-19 world of social distancing, brands must find innovative ways to continue get back to business as usual.

Live Events

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership allow for industry leaders to step into the spot light and offer their knowledge to an interested audience via a live stream. Live streaming a thought leadership video is highly effective because it allows participant interaction, which can further enhance the presentation and allow for deeper levels of engagement. Participants can enjoy this from the comfort and convenience of their choice.

Thought Leadership

How-To Videos

Use your expertise to show your audience how to complete a task in real time As you walk your audience through step-by-step, they can chime in with questions and comments that make the experience even more effective. As a brand, this allows you to connect more deeply with your audience so that they keep coming back for more content that turn into fans, brand evangelists and valued clients.

How To Video

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