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At Marketing Reel, we have two specific services that tie into one another- Reel Campaigns and Reel Content. Reel content produces consistent videos in order to fuel your business objectives. Reel Campaigns goes one step further by taking your video and distributing it on lead paid advertising platforms.

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Reel Content

As a business, if you want to leverage the full power of video, you must produce the right types of videos frequently. At Marketing Reel, we help you craft specific monthly videos in order to attract, educate, convert, and retain your target audience.

Reel Campaigns

After your video is produced, it is important that you extend its reach while still targeting your ideal customer. We do this by handcrafting your video and then distributing it on lead advertising platforms in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

What it Takes to Win with Video in 2022

A guide to using online video marketing to tell compelling stories that attract, educate, convert and retain customers.

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